Free Consultations:
Initial telephone consultation is provided to anyone seeking information about applying the social norms approach to a variety of health or behavior change issues. More extensive telephone or on-site consultations can be arranged to fit most time and budgetary constraints.

We provide on-site training to school districts, community coalitions, state and federal agencies, colleges, and private entrepreneurs. Training can be of various lengths and content are custom designed to meet a variety of needs. Training content can include everything from a one-hour community introductory session to multi-day multi topic preparation for conducting a successful project. 
Free Materials:

1- Guide to Marketing Social Norms for Health Promotion in Schools and Communities
: This guidebook is the first comprehensive, step-by-step manual designed especially for those who are interested in using the social norms approach to address school-age and community-wide issues.
 Inspired by the positive impact that a number of colleges and universities have had promoting student health using this approach, a number of high schools and communities have begun to implement their own social norms projects.
This guidebook is intended to provide both the theoretical and the practical information necessary to conduct an effective project. As such, it will be a valuable resource for anyone involved in such an effort—be they community members, school administrators and staff, or health promotion professionals.
The contents of this guidebook include:

A revised version (July, 2005) of the guidebook, complete with graphics, is available here in PDF format.

2- TeeNS: A survey of teen norms about alcohol and tobacco use. The survey can be modified to include questions about other teen behaviors e.g. sex, violence, eating, exercise, volunteer work, etc. We also have a survey of parent perceptions of teen norms and faculty expectations as well. A new revised copy of the "Teen Norms Survey," which is included in the guidebook, is also available separately here in PDF format.

3- Samples of Data Analysis:  We input and analyze survey data from projects around the country. Analysis may include:

Examples of the data summaries and analysis reports that are provided to clients who use this service can be provided by email request. Contact

4- Samples of Media: Copies of posters and mailers used in high school projects are available by request as well.

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